Wedding Gift List








Thank you...


To everyone who attended and travelled to spend the day with us, and even for those who could not make it this is for you...




It was a grand affair for everyone;
The Bride was dressed to kill.
The groom was there hidden away
Making amendments to his speech and his will.

The guests where patiently awaiting
the arrival of bride or of groom.
The bride was late as expected
The groom hidden away in a room

Then came the call from the Preacher
"Shes arrived, its time for the show!"
The groom soon appeared and looked nervous
and took up his seat, front row.

It was over in a flash of the cameras,
three hymns and a nice set of vows.
A few calls for prayer and a reading
there was no escape for them now.

A hail of rice and confetti
from the well-wishers gathered outside.
Poses for everyone's photos,
trying to capture the beautiful bride.

The reception took a little bit longer.
More photos and a nice bit to eat.
A bottle or two, a dance for a few
and by the end a lot of sore feet!

But the bestest thing out of the whole day
was the fact that I now have a wife.
As I said on the day with the tears tucked away,
Im yours and youve got me for life.

One last thing remains to be told now
with all the soppy stuff out of the way,
for all the gifts and the cards, the thoughts and the flowers,
thank you for helping to make our great day.







Open Day


This was held on Saturday 18th September at Judith's parent's house in Belfast.

It was lovely seeing everyone and once back from honeymoon, Chris and I shall be sending our 'thank you' notes.



Wedding Day


The wedding took place at 2pm,

Sydenham Salvation Army.












MMV 21/12/2005